Facility Exotic

The facility EXOTIC [1-3], installed at Legnaro National Laboratories (LNL), is dedicated to the in-flight production of low-energy light Radioactive Ion Beams (RIBs) through inverse kinematics reactions induced by the high intensity beams from the XTU Tandem accelerator impinging on cryogenic gas targets (p,d,3He…). The facility was commissioned in 2004 and the first beam for experiment (17F) was produced in 2006 [4,5]. The research field accessible to the facility is the investigation of the exotic isotope structure and interactions at energies around the Coulomb barrier and measurements of astrophysical interest. Moreover, the facility can be used as a separator for heavy-ion fusion-evaporation residues from stable beams for fusion cross section measurements at sub-barrier energies [6].

The RIBs produced so far are listed in the following table:

exotic tabella



exotic lnl

The experimental set-up [7] installed at the facility focal plane and developed by the EXOTIC collaboration, consists in: a) two position-sensitive Parallel Plate Avalanche Counters (PPACs) for RIB tracking, reconstruction of the event on the target position and for time of flight measurements and b) EXPADES: a high-granularity, compact, flexible, portable 8-telescope array for charged particle detection. Each telescope is made of a) transverse-field ionization chamber; b) 40-60 μm-thick Double Side Silicon Strip Detector (DSSSD) and c) 300 μm-thick DSSSD. Thicker (1 mm) DSSSDS are used occasionally as a third stage for detection of higher energy charged particles.

experimental setup







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