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Integrability and chemical potential in the (3 +1)-dimensional Skyrme model
Tuesday 10 July 2018, 02:30pm - 03:30pm
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Description: In this talk a remarkable mapping from the original (3 +1)dimensional Skyrme model to the Sine-Gordon model is introduced. This allows to construct the first analytic examples of Skyrmions as well as of Skyrmions–anti-Skyrmions bound states within a finite box in 3 +1dimensional flat space-time. An analytic upper bound on the number of these Skyrmions–anti-Skyrmions bound states is derived. The critical isospin chemical potential beyond which these Skyrmions cease to exist can be computed. With these tools, it is possible to find also topologically protected time-crystals: time-periodic configurations whose time-dependence is protected by their non-trivial winding number
Location Dipartimento di Fisica, M.S. Angelo 1G09