GEOSYMQFT (Geometry and Symmetry in Quantum Field Theory)

The proponents are researchers active in the formal aspects of Quantum Field Theory.

Several of our nodes have a history of joint collaborations in various projects, and although our main interests as project is in the formal aspects, the competences of our group cover a wide range, from phenomenology to mathematical physics.

The unifying concept behind our project is the use of modern mathematical techniques to solve various problems in the frontiers of quantum field theory, enabling us to deal with questions like the quantization of space time, the issue of renormalization, algebraic and topological quantum field theories.

The main tools are related to symmetries (also deformed) and to the algebraic aspects of the theory.

The common threads of the collaboration:

  • Noncommutative geometry and applications to the quantization of spacetime.
  • Quantum Groups seen as symmetries of quantum spaces
  • Quantization Schemes also with tools of statistical mechanics
  • Algebraic methods and algebraic geometry, also applied to algebraic and Topological field theory
  • Poisson geometry, Poisson manifolds and in general Poisson structures