Fundamental Interactions, Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Fermion Masses and the Quest for New Physics (QNP)

Local coordinator: Giulia Ricciardi

We pursue the quest for physics beyond the Standard Model combining direct and indirect searches for new physics and testing the structure of fundamental interactions against experimental data in the flavour and electroweak sectors. We contribute to improving the theoretical accuracy of indirect searches for new physics. We investigate the dynamical origin of electroweak symmetry breaking and the mechanism stabilizing the electroweak scale, using LHC data on the Higgs boson as well as precision electroweak observables. We search for the origin of fermion masses and mixings, seeking for an explanation of the peculiar flavour structure of the Standard Model as well as for an understanding of the flavour properties of physics beyond the Standard Model. We study the impact of possible future facilities on indirect searches of new physics in the flavour and electroweak sectors. We investigate the dynamics underlying the recently-discovered charmonium-like states.