Scopo: The MoVe_IT project is aimed at developing at the same time innovative modeling for biologically optimized treatment planning with ion beams and dedicated verification devices allowing its validation accounting for a high complexity of biological effects. The main effects which will be explored and implemented are biological impact of target nuclei fragmentation, relative biological effectiveness (RBE) and intratumor heterogeneity. The radiobiological implementation in research treatment planning system (TPS) will be coupled with design of patented tools for in-vitro irradiation, the development and update of the 3 complementary Italian facilities for esperiments on therapeutical ion beams, and advanced models for related risk estimation (NTCP) and tumor control assessment (TCP).

Durata progetto: 2 years (2017-2018)

Sezioni Partecipanti: LNS, MI, NA, TIFPA, TO

Coordinatore Nazionale: Emanuele Schifoni (mail)

Coordinatore Locale: Maria Gabriella Pugliese (mail)

Ricercatori locali: Pugliese MG (80%), Cella L (70%), Coppola F (60%), D'Avino V (30%), Palma G. (30%), Simoniello P (80%)

Referees: Palladino Libero, Retico Alessandra, Rigon Luigi, Oliva Piernicola, Montanari Alessandro

Experiment web site: