DOE/INFN Summer Exchange Program for 2014



(during this period administrative
offices will be closed.
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Aug. 07-21, 2014


  • Measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon.
    The New Muon G-2 experiment (E989) at Fermilab aims to measure the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon with an improved experimental uncertainty by a factor of 4 with respect to the previous E821 experiment at BNL (i.e. at 0.14 ppm Within the experiment, the Italian group is focusing on the monitoring of the performance of the 24 electromagnetic calorimeters. To this aim an online calibration system is going to be implemented via a LASER and an optical system able to provide reference signals to the calorimeters.
    The Naples group is in charge of the design and implementation of the electronics to control the LASER system. It is a crucial and delicate task as the whole system has to operate during data taking and under different modes; it will be part of the general DAQ system of the experiment.
    The student will contribute to the test and debugging activity of the laser controls system, both by specific checking of the electronic boards and by working to the board programming.

Tutor: Michele Iacovacci (

Possible cheap accommodation in B&B/Hostels in town centre and/or apartments shared with other students (Via Terracina, mob.:+39 347.6503334).


prof. Michele Iacovacci

(tel. +39 081 676128 - email:


Local Secretariat (NAPOLI):

Maria Arienzo

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The activity will be in June-July and/or September-October 2014.