Computing and Networking AUP

  1. The Italian Scientific Research and Academic Network, commonly called "GARR Network", is based on scientific and academic collaboration projects between Italian public Universities, Italian public Schools and Scientific Organizations. Thereby the GARR network service is mainly addressed to all organizations that are under the authority of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). There is however the possibility of extending the service itself to other organizations that carry out research activities in Italy, in particular, but non exclusively, in the case of no-profit organizations that have collaboration activities with the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. All GARR users must anyway follow this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) rules in order to access the nework service.
  2. The "GARR Network Service", afterwards referred to as "GARR Network", is composed by the set of telematic connection services, network management services, application services and of all the interoperability instruments (done directly or on behalf of GARR) that enables authorized subjects to communicate among each other (national GARR Network). Integral parts of GARR Network are also telematic connections and services that enable the interconnection between the national GARR Network and the other Networks.
  3. The following activities are not allowed on the GARR network:
    • >To provide to not-authorized subjects network connectivity service or other services which include it, such as to provide housing or hosting services and alike, or to allow data or information routing on the GARR Network between two not-authorized subjects (third party routing).
    • >To use network resources and services, to connect equipments or services or software to the network, to spread virus, hoaxes or other software in a way that can damage, trouble or disturb other people, other users or service activities available on the GARR Network and on any other networks connected to it.
    • >To create and to send (if not for research purposes, and in any case in a quite controlled and legal way) any kind of image, data or other offensive item, libel or indecent documents that attack human's dignity, in particular for what regards sex, race or faith.
    • >To send not required commercial and/or promotional documents ("spamming"), and to let third parties use one's own resources for this purpose.
    • >To damage, destroy or to try to access data without authorization or to violate other users' privacy, to intercept or disseminate private passwords and cryptographic keys included.
    • >To carry out on the GARR Network any other activity forbidden by the State Law, by the International rules and by the rules and netiquette of network and network services use.
  4. The liability of published and disseminated documents content on the network is on people who publish and disseminate those documents. In case of people who are underage, the responsibility can also involve people who have their custody.
  5. Authorized subjects (A.S.) to access GARR network, defined in the document "Approved rules by CRCS", can use the network for all one's own institutional activities. Institutional activities are defined as any activity related to the tasks provided for by the statute of an authorized subject, including activities of collaboration contracts or agreements approved by both involved parties, provided that these activities belong to the authorized subject institutional purposes. In particular institutional activities are: research activities, didactics, administrative tasks of the authorized subjects and between authorized subjects and research activities for third parties, with exclusion of all cases explicitly declared as not allowed in this document. Other subjects with a temporary authorized access to the network (T.A.) can carry out only the set of activities mentioned in their authorization. The final decision on the allowed activities on the GARR network is GARR Management Bodies' prerogative.
  6. All authorized users must be known and identified. Therefore all possible measures must be taken to stop the access to not-identified users. As a rule users must be employees of authorized subjects, even if temporary. For what regards Authorized Subjects (A.S.), the users can be also people temporary authorized by them for an institutional job. Students who are regularly enrolled in a course by an authorized subject are admitted users.
  7. It is responsibility of authorized subjects, even temporary, to adopt all reasonable actions to ensure the accordance of their own rules with the above mentioned ones and to ensure that forbidden actions do not happen on the GARR Network. Each authorized subject must let their own users know (by appropriate means they believe) the rules inside this document.
  8. Authorized subjects, even temporary, to access the GARR Network explicitly accept that their names (name of the body, corporate name or corresponding) are put in an electronic database maintained by GARR Management Bodies.
  9. In case of verified non-observance of these action rules, the GARR Management Bodies will take the necessary measures to bring back the network into its correct use, included the temporary or definitive suspension of the access to GARR Network itself.
  10. The access to GARR Network is made conditional on the full acceptance of the rules inside this document.